Posted by: snaed | August 13, 2009

TOEIC Speaking Overview

TOEIC Speaking Format

The TOEIC Speaking test asks you to complete 11 speaking tasks in about 20 minutes. Each portion of the test measures various aspects of your speaking ability. You should try your best to use the full time you are given for each task.

The TOEIC Speaking tasks are described below:

Read A Text (Questions 1 & 2)

You simply need to read aloud a test that appears on the screen. You receive two scores on this task: one for pronunciation and one for intonation and stress. You have 45 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak.

Describe a Picture (Question 3)

You must describe a picture which appears on your screen in as much detail as possible. Your use of grammar, vocabulary, and cohesion will be tested. You have 30 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak. Start by describing the picture as a whole (where, what) and then go into the smaller details ( who, when how, what kind, how many, etc.). State the obvious, and try to cover everything you can, while keeping your accent clear and steady. Emphasize all the critical words actually shown in the picture.

Respond to Questions (Questions 4,5,6)

You must respond to three questions about a single topic, without any preparation time. In questions 4 and 5, you speak for 15 seconds. In question 6, you speak for 30 seconds. For example: How often do you go to the movies, what kind of movies do you like to watch, describe one of your favourite movies.

Respond to Questions with Info (Questions 7,8,9)

You must respond to three questions, based on a schedule of events that will appear before you on the screen. For example, you could be shown the schedule from a conference. You have 30 seconds to read the information, which will remain in front of you throughout. Then you are asked three questions to which you have 15 seconds each to respond. The questions will be asked as if you were receiving a phone call.

Propose a Solution (Question 10)

You need to present a solution to a problem. You will hear a message left on an answering machine, with a problem. You have 30 seconds to prepare an answer, and 60 seconds to show that you understand the problem and to deliver your solution.

Express an Opinion (Question 11)

You are asked to give your opinion on a topic. You have 15 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak.


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