Posted by: snaed | July 30, 2009

Dear Teacher

Before students go back to their country, they usually ask your email and give their emails so you can still communicate, also probably so to still have someone to communicate English with. There’s one particular student who has never stopped sending me emails… The following are some of the emails I’ve been sent…

May 30

hi ~!
how ar e you???? i’m fine
sorry for late message . i was so busy .because my school finished 9 p.m .   i;’m really tired so actually i usaully sleep..
most of school in seoul don’t finish at 9 p,m but most of other areas finish at 9 p .m .. it’s really tired .. we have to live!!,,
anyway now , korea is summer  it’s very hot..
i always reminds phillipines but  specally in summer i really want to visit phillipines
and really miss you ~!
maybe ,., someday  we can meet ~
how about you????
i really wonder about you

 January 24

this is kacy
hi~! how are you??
Don’t you forget me ?? you still remember right?
this is kacy~~!!!
bofore  reading , please under stand my grammar .~!
 long time i din’t check my mails .
that’s why ,that i recieved messages are gone sorry for long time didn’t send messages to you
how have you been??
how’s your family?
for me this March i’ll go to high school~!
that’s why i have so many problems . about studies , friends, and also college , i have so many problems to think.
anyway i fine and i really miss you~!~
and i really miss phillipines too ~!
usaully  i’m always thinking about phillinpines .~!
i really wan’t to know how is it going to you~!
take care of yourself
have a nice day always .
god bless you~!
–kacy—who miss you so much —-
p.s i’m reaaly sorry for late messages to you 
December 16

how are you? how have you been?? i’m fine
in korea we are going to finish our second semester and finish second year .~
i’m very sad about that because i have to make new friend it means i and my friends will seperate class..~~
(can you understand what i mean? please understand my grandmmar~i’m not good in grammar now because i ‘m not studying englsh~!)
 ah ! and we will have winter vacation ~!! i’m so happy
now in korea it’s   winter but  i think not colder than before ~
ah! did you see? korea’s ship bump with rock so many oil is on the sea
it’s very big problem cause we can’t eat seafood many years and it will be very expensive right? ?  and people who live there can’t make money .
i heard many other contry oil specialist  came here and they will help us ,.,
anyway tell me your life there~~^^
                                                                                                   god bless you~

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