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Men and Women

                The traditional roles of men and women are changing. Even though men have not been freed from being the principal breadwinners, they are also expected to help with household chores. Women too are making money outside the home, but they still operate under the assumption that childrearing is primarily their function. Men and women alike cry under the load and insist they are overworked and underappreciated. Both are probably right. But women still have more to complain about than men. More of the housekeeping burden falls on their shoulders than on their husbands’ and at work they are paid less and promoted less often. What may be worse, the stress being placed on them may be taking its toll on their children and spouses; society needs to understand that women are just human, not superwomen.


  1. Are modern women free from childcare?
  2. Which gender suffers more from the change in roles? Who benefits more?
  3. What should men understand about women?


  1. Are men and women equal in our society?
  2. Do you think men are stronger than women?
  3. Are women more intelligent than men?
  4. Who has the stronger desire to be rich and famous, men or women?
  5. Do women love their children more than men do? Why or why not?
  6. Would you vote for a female candidate for President?
  7. Would it matter to you if you had a female boss?
  8. Do you think women should be conscripted too?
  9. Do you think women are more honest than men?
  10. Who do you think finds it harder to live in our society, males or females?
  11. Should married women work outside the home? What about your wife?
  12. Do you think women are still discriminated against in the workplace?
  13. What would you think if you had a househusband who managed all the household affairs including child care while you pursued a career?
  14. Is being a househusband the proper thing for a man to do? Would you ever consider being a househusband?

 OPINION SAMPLES – explain and comment

 1.  Men and women alike seek fame and fortune; it is part of human nature. But women’s ambitions have been thwarted throughout history, either through lack of opportunity (rank, education, etc.) or because of domestic duties. So, many of them have sought vicarious success in their husbands or children.

 2. In terms of theft, men and women are equally honest; which is to say that most people will not steal, either out of ethical consideration or the fear of being caught. But verbal and emotional honesty is different matter. While it is true that some men will say anything to seduce a woman, most women will lie shamelessly about their true feelings in order to trap a man in marriage. I suppose that the primary difference is that the man is only looking for a brief moment of enjoyment, but the woman believes her entire life’s finances may be at stake.

 3. I’d love it if I could stay home all day. With the modern convenience available, most of the drudgery of housework is gone. I could finish everything that needed to be done by noon without even straining myself, and I’d have the rest of the day to relax, read, paint, compose, or just watch TV or listen to music. What’s wrong with a life like that?

 4. The vast majority of people in modern society, whether male or female, have dull, boring jobs. They work, quite simply, because they need the money, not out of any enduring interest in the work itself. And increasingly, both mates have to get jobs just to make ends meet.

 5. I chose not to marry. It’s not because I’m opposed to marriage and having a family, but because women are changing. Today’s woman cares far more about her profession than she does about her family.

 6. Women are expected to perform the traditional wife-and-mother roles whether or not they have paid jobs, but men can focus on getting ahead in their career (even if they do contribute a bit to the housework, as a sort of hobby). Until it become socially acceptable for males to take a more active part at home, the “superwoman” myth will continue to bedevil the modern female. Ten years ago women complained that being a housewife was too confining, and they wanted their chance to climb the corporate ladder. Now, whichever rung they may have reached, these same women feel stuck there and bemoan the lack of time they can spend with their children.

USEFULL EXPRESSIONS – explain and comment

 1. The best ambition of some girls is to make a man a good husband.

2. The best way to win an argument with a woman is to hit her over the head with a new mink coat.

3. When a wise man argues with a woman, he says nothing.

4. Nothing confuses a man more than driving behind a woman who does everything right.

5. A man gave a woman his seat on the bus; she fainted. When she revived, she thanked him; he fainted.

6. If a man tells a woman she’s beautiful, she’ll overlook most of his other lies.

7. A girl may love you from the bottom of her heart, but there’s always room for some other fellow at the top.

8. By the time a man understands women, he’s no longer interested.

9. A woman always remembers where and when she got married; a man sometimes forgets why!

10 A woman’s ideal man is one clever enough to make money and foolish enough to spend it on her.

Issue 10


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