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                Most people in modern society spend more than eight hours a day working. Some are successful in their jobs, but many more are under stress. Workers are classified into two groups; self-employed and employees, and vice-versa. The reason? People tend to exaggerate the others’ benefits they don’t have.

                Businessmen seem to have greater satisfaction from their jobs than ordinary workers do. They have the power to decide things by themselves. That’s why ordinary workers have are envious of them. But businessmen must take responsibility for their decisions, and if something goes wrong they could go bankrupt.

                Every employee has a certain job responsibility, but if he does what is expected to, he is usually exempt from bad consequences. He has a stable position. On the other hand, a competent worker may enjoy many promotions and raises, but still be at the mercy of the manipulations of corporate executives.

                Who is happier is not the question. The important thing is that people must decide which category they should belong in by evaluating themselves honestly.


  1. What advantages do businessmen have?
  2. What disadvantage do workers have?
  3. Which is better, being the employer or the employee?


1. Would you want to be a businessman or an employee?

2. Are you satisfied with your job?

3. Would you want your children to do your job?

4. What are your priorities in getting a job?

5. Would you take a night job if it were better paid?

6. When do you feel like giving up your job?

7. Why don’t you start your own business?

8. Do you have any idea of starting a new business?

9. What are the obstacles to starting your own business?

 TALKING POINTS – What are the good and bad aspects about having the following jobs.

a. physicians                                                      b. teachers                                         c. politicians

d. the nation’s president                              e. farmers                                           f. professional athletes

g. judges                                                             h. soldiers                                           i. panhandlers

 OPINION SAMPLES – explain and comment

 1.  People have different priorities in getting jobs. Some put their emphasis on making more money; others want job security, promotion opportunities, work they are comfortable with. As for me, I want my own business. After I quit my first job I never thought about working for anyone again. When I work for someone else and can’t sell my ideas to the boss, that disappoints me. And often employees become the scapegoats for marketing failures. I love to work alone with my ideas and plans, knowing whether my business succeeds or not is up to me.

 2. I really want to have my own business, as most employees do. But a boss must have many special characteristics. First of all, he must have creative ideas and know when, where, and how to apply them. Of course, he must have the nerve to go ahead with his plans against difficult markets. He must cultivate customers, because success largely depends upon human relationships. If he has solid relationships with his business partners, he may be able to make up for temporary financial straits.

USEFULL EXPRESSIONS – explain and comment

 1. The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.

2. Before arguing with your boss, make absolutely sure you’re right—then let the matter drop.

3. You can tell a man’s characters by what he turns up when offered a job—his nose or his sleeves.

4. Going to college won’t guarantee you a job, but it’ll give you four years to worry about getting one.

5. No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work.

6. The fellow who is fired with enthusiasm for his work is seldom fired by his boss.

7. It’s always hard to find a job for the fellow who doesn’t want one.

8. There may be luck in getting a job, but there’s none involved in keeping it.

9. According to the latest statistics, there are five million people in our country who aren’t working. And there are even more if you count those with jobs.

10 Be thankful if your job is a little harder than you like. A razor can’t be sharpened on a piece of velvet.

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