Posted by: snaed | July 28, 2009

It’s No Wonder!

SARATOV, RUSSIA. One day, Olga Petrovic isn’t feeling well. She goes to see the doctor in her small town in southern Russia. “What’s the matter?” he asks. I have a stomachache. And I’m running a fever,” she tells him. The doctor takes an x-ray. He’s shocked when he looks at it. There’s a 12-inch piece of metal in Olga’s stomach. “That takes the cake!” he thinks. “No wonder she has a stomachache!” Olga remembers an operation she had made 25 years ago. Apparently, the surgeon made a big mistake and left a medical instrument inside her. “We need to get rid of it,” says the doctor. “You need an operation.” Olga has cold feet and wants to put it off. But her doctor wants her to have the operation right away. Now the medical instrument is gone and Olga is recovering.


  1. (it’s) no wonder – it’s not surprising
  2. What’s the matter? – What’s wrong?
  3. have a stomachache – feel pain in one’s stomach
  4. run a fever – have a high body temperature
  5. That takes the cake! – That’s really strange!; That’s the worst!
  6. make a mistake – do something incorrectly
  7. get rid of something – remove something
  8. have cold feet – be afraid to do something
  9. put something off – delay or postpone something
  10.  right away – immediately


1.  What’s the matter with Olga when she goes to the doctor?

2.  What does the doctor say when he sees the x-ray.

3.  What happened to her 25 years ago?

4.  Why does Olga need another operation?

5.  Why does she want to put it off?


1.  Have you ever had an operation?

2.  How do you feel today? Do you have a stomachache, a headache, or a cold?

3.  How often do you think doctors make serious mistakes? Tell about a time when you made a big mistake.

4.  Are you putting off something that you should be doing? If so, what?

5.  Is there something you won’t do because you have cold feet?

6.  Do you have any bad habits that you’d like to get rid of?


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