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                One of the main reasons people have hobbies is to kill time. Many of the great developments in science and technology have given us all a lot of time beyond that which we fill with necessary activity. But few of us use that extra time creatively, so we get bored. So we need a hobby to make the time pass enjoyably: we collect stamps or learn how to cook or just6 listen to our CDs.

                One of the problems, though, is with having expensive hobbies. Usually they are intended to show off our wealth or our being up-to-date with some supposed trend, rather than supporting any genuine interest. Too often, we can’t really afford it; but even if we can, we just feed our general discontent because we are spending a lot of money but not relieving our boredom.


  1. What are two reasons given for having a hobby?
  2. Why are hobbies necessary in the modern world?
  3. What is wrong with having expensive hobbies?


1.  What are your hobbies?

2. How much money do your hobbies cost you?

3. With whom do you enjoy your hobbies?

4. How often do you engage in your hobbies?

5. Do you make friends with people who have the same hobbies?

6. What are the best things about your hobbies?

7. Are there any hobbies you would like to try soon?

8. Are there any hobbies you have given up? Why?

9. Did you ever recommend that family members share your hobbies with you?

 OPINION SAMPLES – comment on these

 1.  Having a hobby is supposed to be an enjoyable way to relax. On weekends or at night, too many people have no interest in going anywhere or doing anything, so they just stay at home watching TV or nagging their families. But if they could develop an interest in something else, they would be too absorbed in it to bother the other people at home. Domestic tranquility would be achieved! Even better would be something the entire family could enjoy together. A fun, stimulating, inexpensive hobby would help keep the family close and comfortable with each other.

 2. I’m happy whenever I meet someone who shares my interests. We usually become friends right away because we often have similar characteristics. We can immediately understand each other, and we have something vital to talk about. In fact, talking itself is one of the greatest hobbies we can enjoy, don’t you think so? And it’s certainly one of the least expensive—is that what people mean when they say “talk is cheap”?

USEFULL EXPRESSIONS – explain and comment

 1.  Fishing stimulates the brain –also the imagination.

2. Many a problem will solve itself, if we forget about it and go fishing.

3. A lot of singer on TV are worth watching. Too bad they’re not worth listening to.

4. Finding a simple life is today’s most complicated job.

5. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what other people say can’t be done.

6. Nothing grows faster than a fish from the time he bites until he gets away.

7. Why not learn to enjoy the little things—there are so many of them?

8. What we enjoy, not what we have, constitutes our abundance.

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