Posted by: snaed | July 28, 2009

Fit As A Fiddle

BOSTON, MA, USA. Ed Rosenthal lives in a nursing home in Boston with other elderly people. Ed is a senior citizen, 91 years old.

When Ed was 84 years old, a doctor came to the nursing home. She saw that Ed was out of shape and his body was weak. She told him to exercise and get in shape. So Ed started going to the exercise center to pump iron. He worked out for seven years, day in and day out.

Now Ed has big muscles, and his stomach is as flat as a pancake. He feels like a million dollars. His family and friends are surprised. They cannot believe their eyes. Now Ed Rosenthal, at 91, is as fit as a fiddle!


  1. (as) fit as a fiddle – healthy and physically fit
  2. senior citizen – a person more than 65 years old
  3. out of shape – not in good physical condition
  4. in shape – in good physical condition
  5. pump iron – lift weights
  6. work out – exercise
  7. day in and day out – regularly; all the time
  8. (as) flat as a pancake – very flat
  9. feel like a million dollars – be very healthy and happy
  10. not believe one’s eyes – not believe what one sees because of surprise


1.  Describe Ed seven years ago. How is he different now?

2.  How did he get in shape?

3.  What do Ed’s friends think of the change?

4.  What is a nursing home?  Do you think senior citizens like Ed should live in nursing homes?


1.  Do you work out?  If so, how often?  Where?  What do you do?

2.  What things do you do day in and day out?

3.  When you’re Ed’s age, what kind of shape will you be in?


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