Posted by: snaed | July 28, 2009

A Heart of Gold

 ORANGE COUNTY, CA, USA. Victor Bacelis is a California immigrant who grew up in a poor village in Mexico. He is used to working hard. He works more than 90 hours a week at three different jobs, including McDonald’s. He is saving up to buy a house.

One day, while Victor is cleaning the floor at McDonald’s, he finds an envelope and picks it up. It contains $612 in cash! He gets in touch with the police to report the lost money. The police can’t find the owner, so they give the money back to Victor.

Then Victor reads a story in the newspaper about Adrian Sandoval, a baby who is very sick. Victor decides to give the cash away to help pay for the baby’s surgery. “Life has been nice to me,” Bacelis said. “I’m healthy. I have enough money. Adrian is a little boy, and his condition really touched me. This is what I want to do.” Victor Bacelis truly has a heart of gold.


  1. have a heart of gold – have a kind and generous character
  2. grow up – become an adult
  3. be used to (doing) something – be familiar with (doing) something
  4. pick something up – take or lift something off the floor (or a table, etc.)
  5. get in touch with someone – contact someone by phone, fax, email, etc.
  6. give something back – return something (to someone)
  7. be sick – be unwell; have bad health
  8. give something away – give something as a gift
  9. be healthy – be well; have good health


1.  How much money does Victor pick up from the floor?

2.  Who does Victor get in touch with?

3.  What does he finally do with the cash?

4.  What do you know about Victor’s past and present life? What kind of man is he?


1.  Do you know anyone who has a heart of gold? How does this person act?

2.  If you found cash on the floor at work, what would you do? Would you keep the money, get in touch with the police or your boss, or give it away?

3.  Are you used to working hard? Tell about your weekly schedule.

4.  How do you usually get in touch with friends and family who live far away: by phone, by email, by letter or by fax?


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