Posted by: snaed | July 27, 2009

Why Teachers Need a Longer Vacation

My husband’s job includes proofreading essays of students. This is one of the essays he was checking one day… essay writing

TOPIC: Many people like monster movies or books. Why do you think people like monster stories? Write a four-paragraph essay, giving two reasons to support your answer.


Many people like moster or books. ( but I don´t like it….)
First, because it is scary. (LIKE FRANKENSTEIN)
For example….. my brother always when I told him a scary story, he always heard very carefully.
may I told you a scary story??? Yes? thank you very much..
A bad woman named 000. She is a woman burglar. She stole many money and run away. One day, she saw a pretty ring in
baby´s finger. She want to have that so she pull out the ring but it stuck it baby´s hand. She got mad and cut Baby´s f i n g e r!!!
Baby started to cry so, woman swallow the ring and finger. Then, one year go she got married and have a baby, but the baby have 11fingers with ring that she swallow!!!!


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