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sleepIt is commonly believed that everybody should get at least eight hours of sleep a day. But a lot of people try to get by on less, thinking that sleeping is just a waste of their time. Even some experts claim that it is the quality of sleep that counts rather than the quantity, and that we could live healthy lives with only three or four hours of good sleep. To them, “good sleep” is characterized by REM (Rapid-Eye Movement). It is during this phase of sleep that we dream.

Dreams and their interpretation are other interesting phenomena associated with sleeping. Throughout history, seers have tried to use them as a guide to the future. Today, psychologists are apt to see them as the acting out of the anxieties and fantasies we cannot express during our waking hours. For Sigmund Freud, they were symbolic expressions of our sexual desires.


1. How many hours of sleep do we need every day?

2. When do we dream?

3. What purposes do dreams serve in human culture?


1. How many hours do you sleep?

2. Do you feel okay with three or four hours’ sleep?

3. If your spouse were snoring, what would you do?

4. Do you need an alarm clock to get up in the morning?

5. Do you like to sleep in a bed or on the floor?

6. Do you think your dreams have anything significant to tell you?

7. How often, and when, do you dream?

8. Do you try to interpret what your dreams mean?

9. Do you believe that you would be lucky if you saw a pig in your dreams? If so, would you buy a lottery ticket?

10. Do you enjoy a nap during the day time?

11. Do you think sleep helps relieve your stress?

12. Do you think it’s okay to work at night?

OPINION SAMPLES – comment on these

1. Whenever I have a dream I try to interpret it in a Freudian manner. Most of my dreams relate to my everyday life, so understanding them helps me know more about myself. Since Freud was a pioneering genius in the field of psychology, any interpretation based on his ideas must be accurate.

2. Three or four hours’ sleep! Doing that might save time, but I don’t think most people could operate very effectively that way. I have tried to get by with less sleep, many times, but I always felt tired and irritable, and would have to take a nap at work or just to get me through the day. So now I make it a rule to get at least six hours of sleep, no matter what, and most nights I get seven or eight. So these days I feel refreshed and energetic, and I get a lot more done.

USEFULL EXPRESSIONS – explain and comment

1. When the alarm clock rings, the best part of the day is over.

2. If you want your dream to come true, don’t oversleep.

3. Do you realize how many mistakes you’d make if you didn’t sleep away a third of your day?

4. The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.

5. If you sleep in a chair you have nothing to lose, but a nap at the wheel is often a permanent snooze.

6. Most of us spend a lifetime going to sleep when we’re not sleepy, and getting up when we are.

7. If you want your wife to listen to what you say, talk in your sleep.

8. A real surprise is when the college boy comes home and discovers people sleep at night rather than in the daytime.

9. It’s extremely difficult for a babysitter to wake up five or ten minutes before the parents return home.

10. Boasting and sleeping are the forerunners of failure.

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